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5 Things Apple Didn’t Announce at Its iPad and Mac Event

Apple’s iPad and Mac event highlighted some important improvements to devices that were in desperate need of a refresh. But the show was also notable for what wasn’t announced.

If nothing else, Apple is the subject of countless rumors. And try as it might to keep things secret, some authentic reports surface that point to what the company has planned and the products it will offer at some point in the future.

Of course, since Apple doesn’t talk about its future plans, it’s impossible to say for sure whether those reports are accurate. But there’s significant interest in several products and services the company reportedly has in the works and there had been some hope they’d debut at its show on Tuesday.

Here’s a rundown of the products and services industry watchers had hoped to hear about at Apple’s show—and didn’t:

Apple AirPower

Remember the charging mat Apple unveiled last year? Well, it’s still a no-show and there’s no telling when, or even if, it’ll ever make its way to store shelves.

According to recent reports, AirPower suffers from some technical problems Apple might not be able to fix. It’s possible, then, that Apple could be working on an entirely new version that could hit store shelves sometime in 2019.

Apple TV Service (and Hardware Refresh)

All signs are pointing to Apple launching its own TV-subscription service. And there had been some hope it would be unveiled at its press event on Tuesday alongside a new Apple TV set-top box. But alas, it was once again left out of the show and there are still no signs of when it might launch.

News on the Mac Pro

Apple has already confirmed that a big Mac Pro update is launching next year with a modular design that’s sure to appeal to power users. Some had hoped that the company would at least touch on the Mac Pro at the event on Tuesday.

It appears at this point that we’ll need to wait a bit longer to see what Apple has planned.

Apple AirPods 2

Several reports ahead of Tuesday’s event said Apple is working on a new version of its popular wireless AirPods. Unfortunately, the AirPods didn’t make their way to the show and it’s unknown when a refresh is coming.

A Boatload of Macs and iPads

It was nice to see a new Mac Mini at Apple’s show and the improved iPad Pro looks to be a winner. But aside from the MacBook Air, other Macs were ignored at the show. There was no update to the iMac or iMac Pro and an iPad Mini refresh wasn’t discussed.