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Informatica CEO: Make a Positive Impact with the Power of Data

Companies are increasingly relying on data analytics to meet consumer needs. But data aren’t just the domain of large private corporations. Both the public and private sector play an important role in extracting value from information—especially when providing essential needs such as food, water, or healthcare.

Informatica CEO Anil Chakravarthy tells Fortune that his company is making a positive impact on consumers around the world by helping companies and government become more productive and efficient with data management.

According to the company, Informatica processes more than 2.5 trillion cloud transactions per month across all digital ecosystems—so it’s no surprise that the public sector has tapped into the cloud to quickly reach constituents in need. That’s exactly what happened when Informatica worked with the Food and Drug Administration to deliver critical supplies when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in 2017, which left the U.S. territory crippled.

“We worked with the FDA, a longstanding customer who uses our products to understand data related to production facilities for critical drugs—a lot of which is produced in Puerto Rico—so, the FDA was able to use data to make alternate arrangements,” says Chakravarthy. As a result of Informatica’s partnership with the FDA, hospitals were able get critical drug supplies from a different source.

When it comes to forming long-term customer relationships, it’s important to align a core set of values. Many of Informatica’s customers are global Fortune 500 companies, and “the biggest impact is that they share our values; we’re here for the long-term. Our job is to understand the underlying mission of the customer when using data—it was much easier when the scorecard was strictly financial, but now we have to balance different dimensions,” says Chakravarthy.

Watch the video above for more from Fortune’s interview with Chakravarthy.

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