The Supreme Court Nominee Is the Most Important Issue Ahead of Midterms, Voters Say

September 27, 2018, 6:41 PM UTC

Voters consider President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee to be a top issue in the upcoming midterm elections, Pew Research Center reports.

According to the study, published Wednesday, 76% of registered voters say the Supreme Court appointment will be very important to their vote.

Trump’s pick, Brett Kavanaugh, has been accused of sexual assault by at least three women. While he denies all claims, protesters and women’s rights activists have been outspoken in their support for the alleged victims, particularly in the days leading up to Thursday’s Senate hearing for the first woman, Christine Blasey Ford.

Pew Research Center’s survey was taken between September 18 and September 24, when the accusations against Kavanaugh largely dominated the news.

According to the Pew Research Center, “there is no trend to past midterms on the importance of court appointments.” In June 2016, ahead of the presidential election, only 65% of voters said court appointments were an important issue.

Following the Supreme Court nominee, healthcare and the economy are considered the most important issues ahead of the midterms, the survey states.