Michael Bloomberg Is Giving Even More Than He Planned to House Democratic Candidates

September 27, 2018, 12:39 PM UTC

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s contributions ahead of November’s elections have surpassed even his own expectations.

The registered independent announced earlier this year that he would be supporting Democratic candidates for the House of Representatives, promising to spend around $80 million.

But that number has already exceeded $80 million and is heading straight toward $100 million, reports Axios. Bloomberg’s contributions have reportedly grown as he believes Democrats chances to take the House increase.

A source told Axios that half of the money will be directed toward female candidates, in the hopes of perpetuating the strengthening blue wave.

“We want to take a Category 3 storm and turn it into a Cat 5,” the source reportedly said. Bloomberg himself explained his spending strategy on women to Axios, saying, “We should have a better balance—I’ve always been in favor of that in business and everything else.”

Bloomberg, who has made clear that he disagrees with Democrats on a number of issues, has hinted at a possible run for president in 2020—as a Democrat.