Lufthansa Will Tap Kegs on Its Flights for Oktoberfest

September 18, 2018, 7:30 PM UTC

Oktoberfest officially kicks off this week, and if you’re flying on Lufthansa it can actually kick off while you’re still in the air on your way to the main event, as long as you’re flying from Germany to a few specific airports.

The airline announced plans to bring actual kegs onboard flights from Munich to New York/Newark (September 19), to Singapore (September 25), and to Shanghai (October 6). All passengers onboard can score draft beer (or several) during their journey.

And if you’re flying business class, things get even better. Business class customers on those flights can chow down on some Oktoberfest-specific foods, such as ox tartare with truffle, Arctic char with Riesling sauce, and pistachio pesto.

Passengers who land in Munich during the first weekend of Oktoberfest, will get an “Oktoberfest treat box” with snacks and a vitamin drink to get them ready for all the festivities on the ground. The airline is also serving an Oktoberfest menu in its lounges for grabbing a quick snack when you land, or keeping that party going right until takeoff.