Hurricane Watch: Florence Moves Closer, Olivia Aims at Hawaii With 2 More Storms Brewing

September 6, 2018, 1:36 PM UTC

2018’s hurricane season has been a mostly quiet affair so far, but the number of storms are growing, keeping meteorologists on their toes.

There are, at present, four hurricanes forecasters are watching, along with one tropical depression and two potential storms. Here is where things stand with each of them.

Hurricane Florence

National Hurricane Center

The biggest storm in the Atlantic showed some weakening Thursday morning, with maximum sustained winds dropping to 115 mph. The storm is still a major Category 3 on the Saffir-Simpson scale, though, and is expected to remain a strong hurricane for the next several days.

There are no watches or warnings along the east coast at this time. However, the east coast is watching the storm closely, as spaghetti models show a number of potential tracks. The storm could turn out to see or could impact the mid-Atlantic states.

Hurricane Olivia

National Hurricane Center

The Pacific hurricane has re-intensified into a major storm—a Category 3. It’s currently not threatening any lands, but the storm is tracking toward Hawaii, and current forecasts predict it will be a severe hurricane Monday night as it gets closer to the north side of the islands.

It’s too early for watches or warnings, but forecasters are monitoring the storm for potential impacts to Hawaii next week.

Hurricane Norman

National Hurricane Center

Another Category 3 Pacific hurricane, Norman doesn’t appear to be a threat to Hawaii. The story is tracking well north of the island and proceeding on a west-northwest track, passing 200-300 miles to the northeast of the islands.

It will make surfing more dangerous due to large swells, but that’s likely about it.

Tropical Depression Gordon

Still officially a named storm, Gordon is drifting through western Mississippi now and carried the threat of heavy rains and flooding. Maximum sustained winds are down to 25 mph, though, and the National Hurricane Center has issued its final update on the storm.

Up Next: Helene and Isaac?

National Hurricane Center

Two additional storms are brewing off the coast of Africa, with at least one expected to become a cyclone soon. An area of low pressure centered several hundred miles off of the Cabo Verde islands is being given a 70% chance to form into a cyclone in the next 48 hours and 90% within the next five days. If it becomes a named storm, this would be Helene.

Meanwhile, a storm moving off the west African coast has caught the attention of meteorologists. At present, forecasters give it a 50% chance of forming into a cyclone in the next five days, but say it bears watching. If this system becomes a tropical storm or hurricane, it would be called Isaac.