Forcepoint CEO: As Your Company Grows, Don’t Lose Sight of Its Culture

September 5, 2018, 4:31 PM UTC

Cybersecurity isn’t just about data—it’s about people, too. Understanding human behavior and intent is part of mounting a good defense. But so is ensuring a supportive and inclusive work environment.

Call it a social firewall that helps your company innovate.

Matt Moynahan, CEO of cybersecurity company Forcepoint, knows this personally. In an interview, Moynahan tells Fortune that most of his time is spent trying to build and reinforce a culture for his approximately 3,000 global employees. It takes time, he says—especially when you’re growing and merging with or acquiring smaller companies along the way.

“We had all the ingredients under one roof of a small company,” Moynahan says of Forcepoint. “Three companies came together with a broad portfolio of technology, and then we acquired two additional ones.” Difficult to establish a corporate culture after that kind of dealmaking? Absolutely. That’s why it was important to focus on it, he says, particularly at time when employees are looking to their companies to take a stand on issues of the day.

“It’s important for CEOs to have strong opinions that matter to people—[to] try to separate politics of an issue from the secular things that are important to humanity, especially if you throw the weight of a big company behind it,” Moynahan says.

In other words, it’s not only the right role for a CEO to speak out on social issues—it’s good for business, too. Attracting talent, defining culture, and making societal impact are key tasks for companies. “Large corporations are now part of the world’s infrastructure—the largest ones cross a trillion [in market capitalization]—so, have a purist approach to social responsibility,” says Moynahan.

Watch the video above for more from Fortune’s interview with Moynahan.

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