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FDA Approves Qbrexza, the First-Ever Prescription Treatment for Excessive Sweating

July 2, 2018, 11:07 PM UTC
Photograph by Getty Images

The first-of-its-kind drug to treat excessive sweating has been approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). The vexingly spelled Qbrexza, pronounced “kew brex zah,” is a topical treatment applied once daily with an individually wrapped disposable cloth, sort of like a medicated wet wipe.

Excessive sweating, also known asprimary axillary hyperhidrosis, impacts over 10 million Americans, according to Dermira, the maker of Qbrexza. The exact cause of hypderhidrosis is unknown, and other treatments include injecting Botox into problem areas or having sweat glands surgically removed.

By contrast, the drug distributed by the Qbrexza cloth will block sweat production by inhibiting sweat glands. It will be available from physicians to adults and pediatric patients 9 years of age and older. Unlike some competitors, Dermira declined to disclose a price for the drug, according to the Associated Press.

The drug, which was approved on Friday, is expected to be available by prescription starting in October 2018. Side effects may include blurred vision, constipation, burning and itchy skin, head and throat pain, and dry mouth, eyes, and skin.