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What Happened to Apple’s AirPower Wireless Charger?

Apple Inc. Debuts New iPhones At Product Launch EventApple Inc. Debuts New iPhones At Product Launch Event
Phil Schiller, speaks about the AirPower charger.David Paul Morris—Bloomberg/Getty Images

We’ve been waiting nearly a year for Apple’s AirPower wireless charger. And now we might have a tentative launch date.

Apple is hoping to release the AirPower in September after internally delaying its launch from June, Bloomberg is reporting, citing people who claim to have knowledge of the company’s plans. Apple had hoped to get the AirPower to store shelves much sooner, but a rash of technical woes has prompted the company to hold it back, according to the report.

Apple unveiled the AirPower at a press event last September. The company touted the wireless charger as an ideal solution for its iPhones, Apple Watch, and other accessories. The device is a white pad that would allow you to place your Apple devices anywhere on it and wirelessly charge them. Apple has also promised to release a case for its AirPods wireless earbuds that would allow you to wirelessly charge them on the AirPower.

There had been some hope that the AirPower would be available in early 2018 but that didn’t happen. And with each month passing by with Apple not even mentioning the AirPower’s existence, there’s been some concern that it might never make its way to store shelves.

According to Bloomberg’s sources, however, Apple has been quietly working on a variety of problems, including ensuring the charger doesn’t overheat and allowing users to place their devices anywhere on the AirPower and still charge them. Indeed, Apple’s use of multiple charging sensors to create a scenario in which users place multiple devices on the AirPower at once—something other chargers don’t offer—has been a problem, according to the report.

Those issues, coupled with addressing software bugs and other tweaks, has necessitated a longer-than-expected wait.

If Apple indeed plans to release the AirPower in September, it would likely make the announcement at this year’s iPhone unveiling, which is usually held in early September. But as recent history has apparently shown, Apple could be forced to delay the AirPower further if it faces any other problems.