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International House of Pancakes No More: ‘IHOb’ Reveals What Its Name Change Means

IHOP, the restaurant chain formerly known as the International House of Pancakes, has revealed the meaning behind its new name: IHOb

The 60-year-old pancake chain announced on Twitter Monday that the “b” in its new name stands for burgers.

“Dear Internet, we abbreciate your batience. Now let’s see who guessed right. B-hold!!!!!” the tweet read, accompanied by a video of “Big Brunch,” “Cowboy BBQ,” and “Mushroom Swiss” burgers that ended with the company’s new IHOb logo.

IHOb announced on Twitter on June 5 that it would be changing its name, stirring up a storm of Internet speculation. The company could not maintain total secrecy, however, as some IHOb patrons soon discovered signage in the restaurant that displayed the new IHOb logo followed by the words “Burgers Burgers Burgers.”

No need to worry though — IHOb’s famous pancakes don’t seem to be going anywhere. The company assured a worried Twitter user on Tuesday that its signature pancakes would “still ‘b’ here.”