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Apple Could Be Removing Buttons as You Know Them From the Apple Watch

The next Apple Watch could be taking some notes from a key development in the iPhone.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus back in 2016 changed the long-standing home button to make the phone more water resistant. The new solid state home button doesn’t actually move, but rather gives off a haptic touch that mimics the feeling of that movement. A new report from Fast Company says that the same technology will be coming to the Apple Watch.

It would make sense for the Apple Watch, which has focused on its water resistant abilities, especially in ads showing it being used while swimming laps in a pool.

The update could come in the next Apple Watch series due later this year, or a bit later when the Apple Watch is released again in 2019, according to Fast Company’s sources. However, they added that Apple could be planning to remove the buttons entirely eventually. If you’re looking at the iPhone for further insight into the Apple Watch’s hardware future, it’s easy to see the direction after the iPhone X removed the iconic home button.