Here Are the 10 Jobs With the Fastest Pay Growth

May 22, 2018, 10:32 PM UTC

The 10 jobs with the fastest growth in pay over the past year may surprise you — because many of them are not high-paying jobs. Of 84 occupations tracked, the top gainers included truck drivers, bank tellers, and cashiers.

The data comes from the job and recruiting site Glassdoor’s April Local Pay Report, which analyzes millions of salaries that are anonymously self-reported to the site.

“April’s pay gains are the fastest we’ve seen in 2018 so far,” Glassdoor chief economist Andrew Chamberlain wrote in the report, “however, it’s still below the 2-3 percent pace seen in recent years, according to the latest real-time salary data shared by millions of Americans on Glassdoor.”

The top 10 jobs with the fastest year-over-year growth in median base pay for full-time employment are as follows:

  1. Financial Advisor: $55,296, up 6.4%.
  2. Bank Teller: $30,066, up 5.5%.
  3. Attorney: $101,817, up 4.7%.
  4. Truck Driver: $53,878, up 4.5%.
  5. Delivery Driver: $38,955, up 4.4%.
  6. Web Developer: $65,414, up 3.9%.
  7. Network Engineer: $71,433, up 3.6%.
  8. Cashier: $27,923, up 3.4%.
  9. Web Designer: $51,875, up 3.4%.
  10. Security Officer: $35,321, up 3.3%.

Glassdoor attributed growth in pay for some of these jobs to e-commerce (delivery drivers, truck drivers), an improving labor market for lower-paying occupations (security officer, cashier, bank teller), growth in engineering jobs (with some exceptions, see below), and the fact that it’s tough to automate the skills needed for financial advisors.

The 10 occupations with the lowest year-over-year growth in median base pay for full-time employment are as follows:

  1. Professor: $86,166, down 3.3%.
  2. Communications Manager: $65,882, down 2.5%.
  3. Quality Engineer: $71,467, down1.5%.
  4. Bartender: $31,668, down 1.4%.
  5. Maintenance Worker: $39,907, down 1.4%.
  6. Research Assistant: $30,391, down 1.2%.
  7. Technician: $45,318, down 1.1%.
  8. UX Designer: $76,003, down 0.9%.
  9. Project Manager: $73,575, down 0.6%.
  10. Consultant: $72,120, down 0.6%.

“While all pay growth is the result of both supply and demand for workers, these jobs offer useful clues about where any remaining pockets of weakness are in today’s otherwise strong labor market,” Chamberlain wrote.