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FCC Announces When Net Neutrality Will Cease to Exist

Net neutrality now has an official expiration date.

The Federal Communications Commission has issued a notice saying it will end existing open Internet rules on June 10. Proponents of the rules, which prevent Internet providers from blocking or slowing websites, are now pinning their hopes on a Congressional vote.

Even if Congress passes a resolution reinstating the rules, however, it would have to be signed by President Donald Trump, who has previously shown an inclination to toss the rules out.

The repeal of net neutrality was supported by telecom providers such as Comcast and Verizon, but opposed by large tech companies, including Google and Facebook. (Several major Websites, including Reddit and Pornhub, have protested the action as well.) The decision, made late last year, prompted several lawsuits.

At the same time, several states, including Washington, Oregon, and California, are proposing—and passing—net neutrality laws of their own, setting them up for a showdown with the FCC.