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‘Black Panther’ Will Be the First Publicly Screened Movie in Saudi Arabia in 35 Years

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is getting its first permanent cinema in 35 years later this month and, sticking with the historic theme, Black Panther will be the first film screened.

As part of his modernization program Vision 2030, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman declared last year that cinemas will once again be permitted. The Kingdom has plans in place to build up to 300 cinemas across the country over the next 12 years, announcing on Wednesday that AMC (AMC) signed the first cinema operating license in the country.

Starting with its first cinema, which will open in the capital Riyadh, AMC will show Black Panther from April 18. The choice is fitting, as the film has broke a series of historic boundaries itself. It had a record-breaking opening weekend, drew an unusually diverse audience, and broke $1 billion in sales in early March, becoming just the 16th film to ever reach that milestone. It has since become the tenth highest-grossing film in history, and it is the most-tweeted about film ever.

AMC plans to open close to 40 cinemas across the country in the next five years.