What Is Harvey Weinstein’s Life Like Today?

February 23, 2018, 4:31 PM UTC

Harvey Weinstein quickly stepped out of the spotlight when the lengthy list of sexual misconduct allegations began to surface about him, but that doesn’t mean he left his luxurious life behind.

The Los Angeles Times, in an extensive look at the former movie mogul’s current life, says Weinstein has fled Hollywood for Arizona, where he’s reportedly working with life coaches, spending time in a luxury apartment complex near Scottsdale and, on at least one occasion, wearing a blond wig to disguise himself at dinner.

The Times reports Weinstein has at least temporarily called The Optima Sonoran Village home, a facility with an indoor lap pool, hypnothereapy (at $150 per session), spas, and concierge service. The paper also says Weinstein was treated at a sex addiction clinic located roughly an hour outside of Phoenix.

Weinstein’s run-ins with the public haven’t been especially low key, either. In November, he was photographed wearing a blond wig while dining with an acquaintance. In January, he was slapped in the face by a stranger at a restaurant that’s located in a resort that charges as much as $3,900 per night.

The bills are big, but Weinstein isn’t exactly destitute. He recently sold a property in the Hamptons for $10 million, and earlier this month sold two other Connecticutt holdings for $16 million.