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Hangar 1 Introduces Rosé Vodka Made From Actual Wine

Hangar 1 vodka is tapping into the rosé trend by introducing Hangar 1 Rosé Vodka.

The vodka is a combination of the company’s classic vodka, which is distilled from grapes, and a Northern California rosé blend of Petit Verdot and White Meritage wines and is the first true rosé vodka on the market.

“There’s definitely a moment where you start to get inspired by techniques that you haven’t seen before and ways of approaching ingredients that you haven’t seen before, and that’s exactly where I’m coming from with this rosé vodka,” Caley Shoemaker, the head distiller at Hangar 1, said at a press event revealing her latest vodka.

Unlike most American vodka’s, which are flavorless, Hanger 1’s rosé has a ton of flavor. The Petit Verdot grapes give the vodka its color and tannins, while the White Meritage gives the vodka a silky mouthfeel and sweet flavor. On the nose, you get floral notes with apple, sweet pea blossoms, and a hint of citrus and peach, and the vodka finishes with a long, crisp acidity.

The end result is a really drinkable 30% ABV rosé vodka that you might be inspired to sip on like a whiskey rather than mix it in cocktails.

Hanger 1 has previously experimented with creating a vodka using San Francisco fog,

Over the past year, we’ve seen everyone from gin to whiskey makers put out pink liquids, most of which get their hue from either being aged with fruit such as strawberries or raspberries or in previously-used wine barrels. But neither method is anywhere close to how actual rosé wine is made (by blending white and red wine or grapes).

Hanger 1’s rosé vodka is available for $29.99.