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Facebook Just Killed This Major Homepage Feature


Something’s going to look a bit different the next time you log on to Facebook.

The social network has killed the ticker that shared what your friends were doing, sharing and liking, which has been a prominent part of the service’s homepage since 2011.

A member of Facebook’s help team confirmed the feature is “no longer available” when asked by a user how to get it back. The company did not give an explanation for the feed’s demise.

The ticker, a social news feed sometimes called the “creeper,” since it allowed you to quietly observe what people were doing on the site, was largely a fixture on the desktop version of Facebook, sitting in the upper right corner of the page. It was introduced six years ago when the social network stopped running posts in chronological order, focusing instead on relevance.

The decision to remove the ticker was made official a week ago, though because Facebook slowly rolls out product changes, some users are just noticing its absence now. Facebook has a history of removing page elements that do not engage users at the company’s level of expectation.

In its place, the company is promoting Facebook Stories, a Snapchat-like feature that lets people make photo and video montages.