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Google’s Job Search Tool Now Lets You See Salary Information

Google is helping give job seekers an idea of how much they would earn if hired.

The search giant said on Wednesday that it upgraded its job search tool so that people can see salary information for job postings that they may be interested in, something that Google estimates is missing from over 85% of U.S. job postings.

The new feature, which is embedded in the company’s core search service, provides estimated salaries for specific job postings based on information like job titles, locations, and company information. Google did not explain how it’s able to calculate those salary estimates, but it said the data is “drawn from sources across the web like Glassdoor, PayScale, LinkedIn, Paysa and more.”

If there’s a job posting in which an employer has provided salary information, Google (GOOG) said it would show a comparison with its own salary estimates.

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People can also more easily view job posting in specific locations and customize their search to show relevant jobs within a two, five, 15, 30, 60, or 200-mile radius. So if a person wants to look for banking jobs within 60 miles of San Francisco, the new tool should show them the relevant listings.

Although job seekers can’t directly apply for openings within Google’s tool, they can see a list of the career-related sites like Monster where they can directly apply.

Google also said that within the next few weeks, it would let people save specific job postings that they come across, so they can more easily access those postings.