These Are the Most Obese States in America

November 7, 2017, 7:35 PM UTC

More than seven out of every 10 adults in the United States aged 20 or older can be considered either overweight or obese. It’s a huge problem across the country, but a worse problem in some states more than others.

WalletHub recently compared all 50 states and the District of Columbia across 19 different metrics including how many obese and overweight people live in an area, and how many sugary-beverages are consumed there.

The states with the highest percentage of overweight adults were Nevada, Alaska, New Jersey, Montana, and Florida. The highest amount of obese adults are found in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, West Virginia, and Arkansas.

Some of those same states came into play when looking at the next generation as well. The highest percentage of overweight children can be found in North Dakota, Kansas, Florida, Tennessee, and South Dakota. The highest percentage of obese children are found in Mississippi, Texas, West Virginia, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Rhode Island.

The report is pretty thorough and also shows things which states have the highest number of adults with cholesterol, the lowest percentage of adults eating less than 1 serving of fruits and vegetables each day, and which states have adults with the highest blood pressure. You can check out the full report and see where you state ranks on WalletHub’s website.