This Brewery Made a ‘Stranger Things’ Beer With Eggo Waffles

October 27, 2017, 4:55 PM UTC

Nothing quite pairs with a Netflix binge-watching session like a good beer. And if you plan on binge-watching Stranger Things today, Big Boss Brewing in North Carolina has the beers you want by your side. The brewery created four small-batch Stranger Things-inspired brews that premiere today along with the new season, each with a unique show-inspired twist.

Winona “Rye”der – Pale ale brewed with 100% rye malt

11 – Belgian blonde with Eggo waffles and maple syrup

Demogorgon – Imperial farmhouse style stout

Chief Hopper AKA Coffee & Contemplation – IPA with coffee and doughnuts

Brewer Bobby McInerny says the inspiration for creating the beers was, well, the show.

“11 likes Eggo waffles, and you can’t have waffles without maple syrup!” says McInerny. “With the name Hopper, and him being a cop, we chose an IPA with doughnuts. Also, because of his line in Episode 1 ‘Mornings are for coffee and contemplation’ we decided to add coffee beans to the beer as well. I knew I wanted to brew a beer with rye for Winona Ryder’s character. She’s a little spicy like rye malt. And the Demogorgon had to be a dark beer.”

All of the one-off beers will be tapped today at the brewery at 4:45pm and will be available exclusively at the brewery until they’re all gone (which we’re predicting will be pretty fast).