Uber Will Charge You More If It Takes Your Driver Longer to Arrive

October 25, 2017, 10:53 PM UTC
Photograph by Getty Images

If it takes your Uber driver longer to reach you than most other passengers, you might now end up being charged.

The Verge reports that Uber is launching the fee as part of its 180 Days of Change. Other changes made as part of that program include the addition of in-app tipping and a new charge for returning items that were left in a vehicle.

The idea behind the extra pickup charge is that a driver’s job starts when they accept your ride, but they don’t actually start getting paid for that job until you’re in the car. If you live in the middle of a major city, a driver going a few blocks to pick you up isn’t a big deal. But if you live 20 minutes outside the city, there’s little incentive for a driver to make a 20-minute trip to pick you up for a fare that could instead be just be a few miles down the road.

The new charge will vary from market to market, but Uber says that in general, drivers will see additional benefit once they’ve spent 11 minutes en route to pick up a rider. The pickup charge will be included in the original quote a rider sees; it won’t be a “surprise” charge at the end of your trip, the company says.

In addition to the long haul charge, riders will also be charged more for making drivers wait at a location for more than 2 minutes.