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Jewel Is Partnering With Companies To Save Your Soul

October 10, 2017, 7:39 PM UTC

Jewel wants to help companies invest in real people. The Grammy-nominated artist spoke with Pattie Sellers at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday about mindfulness and her journey as an entrepreneur.

The singer-songwriter, producer, entrepreneur and single mom of a six-year-old son — she goes by her first name, but her full name is Jewel Kilcher — wants to use her experience as a way to help others. She and her two brothers were raised in Alaska by an alcoholic father.

She left an unstable situation at home only to wind up in the streets.

“When I was homeless I realized that I had become a statistic, which was exactly what I hoped to avoid when I left home at 15,” Jewel said.

She turned to writing as a mindfulness practice and wrote her breakout hit “Who Will Save Your Soul” while hitchhiking.

As an entrepreneur, she wants to share the coping mechanisms and mindfulness practices she discovered throughout her young adult life and music career.

At last year’s MPW summit, the singer-songwriter announced the launch of a new website called Never Broken, focused on “emotional fitness”

Now she’s looking for companies who are interested in investing in their human capital, both in the lives of their employees and their consumers.

This new venture, Jewel Inc., will bring mindfulness tools and curriculum to businesses in order to help shift company culture and care for the holistic wellbeing of employees, Jewel said.

Zappos — which has always been game for radical management styles, but not always successful — is the first corporate partner and a pilot for the program. Jewel hopes together they can produce a “curriculum that invests in the whole human in a meaningful way.”

As far as practical advice, Jewel offered two suggestions: 1) Let go of hyper-vigilance and the idea of perfection. 2) Realize and accept that pain is a part of life.

“How we deal with it is what makes us extraordinary problem solvers,” she said.

You can follow along with the speakers at MPW through Fortune’s livestream.