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Discovery and Google Are About to Take You Around the World in Virtual Reality

The whole point of virtual reality (VR) is to immerse yourself in unfamiliar environments, rendered in digital form. So it makes a lot of sense to apply the technology to virtual travel experiences.

Discovery Communications (DISCA) is teaming with Google (GOOGL) on a new VR show called “Discovery TRVLR” that will show viewers places and cultures around the world, all in the 360-degree format that’s supported on devices such as the Google Daydream and Cardboard headsets.

The first instalment in the 38-part series will launch Friday. North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia will each feature in six episodes, while Antarctica will get two. The general focus of the show will be on different unique traditions and rituals, though for Antarctica this will presumably take a back seat to the landscape.

“Discovery’s viewers look to us for innovation and expect to be taken places that satisfy their desire for exploration and adventure,” said Rebecca Howards, the head of partnerships at the Discovery VR division.

Discovery VR launched a couple years back, providing apps for both the Android and iOS platforms. According to the company, it has so far seen 4.3 million downloads.


It’s worth noting that experts have called for more research into the potential eye problems that extended virtual-reality use may trigger. So if that worries you, Discovery TRVLR will also be available to view through the boring old web.