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Amazon Echo Owners Prefer Apple iPhone Over Android Smartphones

Amazon Echo owners appear to have taken a liking to Apple’s iPhones.

In a survey of Amazon Echo smart home hub owners, researcher Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) discovered that 55% of owners use an iPhone rather than an Android phone. The remaining 45% of Echo owners opt for Android.

It’s a similar story with Apple’s iPad, which is the choice tablet for 49% of Echo owners. Just 25% of Amazon Echo owners also have one of the e-commerce giant’s Fire tablets.

Amazon’s (AAPL) is planning to release its HomePod, a smart home speaker that comes with many of the same features as the HomePod. Google already offers a smart home hub called Google Home, but is expected to announce a new, smaller version rumored to be called the Google Home Mini, at its press event later today.

In addition to analyzing Amazon Echo users, CIRP also examined which devices Google (GOOGL) Home users prefer. The researcher discovered 77% of Google Home users have an Android smartphone, compared to just 23% of those who have iPhones. Fewer than 40% of Google Home owners have an iPad.

Ultimately, CIRP says that the data suggests Google has done a fine job of attracting Android users to its smart home hub, and that Amazon has been making strides in targeting iPhone owners. But “it’s still early,” CIRP co-founder Josh Lowitz said in a statement, and it’s possible that Amazon will continue to attract iPhone owners as time goes on.