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How You Can Apply to Be a Professional Beer Taster

If you really love your beer, we may have found the perfect job for you. Meantime Brewing in London is looking for someone to fill the role of professional beer taster. The part-time gig would require you to come in for a few hours each Friday and drink a few beers.

If that sounds like your normal Friday afternoon (although the above would take place Friday mornings), then you’ll be pleased to know the gig comes with compensation in the form of a “competitive rate” as well as “beer benefits.”

Just liking beer isn’t enough to score you the job. Lonely Planet notes you’ll also need to know enough about beer to provide objective feedback about various beer styles, as well as differentiate between different beers. For instance, you’ll need to be able to distinguish between Fuggles and Cascade hops, and know your chocolate malt from your dark malt.

Ready to apply? Meantime is narrowing down its search by asking applicants to write a 30-word post on LinkedIn explaining why they’re perfect for the job, tagging it #pickmemeantime. The brewery will pick three of those applicants that they’ll bring together for a final beer tasting round.

You can check out the full job listing (also on LinkedIn) here.