Here’s What the Powerball Winner Buy With $758 Million

August 24, 2017, 2:35 PM UTC

Someone in Massachusetts woke up filthy rich this morning after playing the winning Powerball numbers—and, once the shock wears off, a shopping spree is probably going to be on his or her to-do list.

But when you’ve just won a $758.7 million lottery, a spa day just won’t do it. Suddenly, you can buy whatever you want. The question is: Where do you start?

Let’s make a few assumptions before we begin this fantasy shopping spree. Let’s assume the Powerball winner opts for the cash payout of $480.5 million. After the federal government takes 25% of that in taxes and the state of Massachusetts takes another 5%, that leaves them with a little more than $336 million.

Ok, ready to go shopping? Here’s what you can get:

A private island – Rangyai Island, near Phuket, Thailand, is a 110 acre land mass with fresh water, an electric generator and, most importantly, mobile service. It’s all yours for $160 million.

Your own Boeing 747 – Forget flying first class. Instead, see if the Sultan of Brunei will sell you his customized 747, which includes 24-carat gold finishes throughout the cabin, including the bathroom sink. It’s valued at $220 million.

A Picaso – Picaso’s Les Femmes d’Alger (Version “O”) sold for $179.4 million in 2015, making it the most expensive piece of artwork to ever sell at auction. It’s a fine choice to replace the “Dogs Playing Poker” poster in your guest room.

A hockey team – You probably can’t afford the Boston Bruins, likely the team of your dreams, but the Florida Panthers are valued at $235 million.

Take your friends to outer space – A road trip seems a great way to celebrate your newfound wealth. Grab your buddies and sign up for a flight on Virgin Galactic. At $250,000 per seat, you could bring more than 1,300 friends. If you’d rather make it a more personal affair, head to Space Adventures, which can send you to the International Space Station. Businessman Dennis Tito paid $20 million to do so in 2001, but the current rate is reportedly around $50 million.

Buy the Clampett mansion – Earlier this month, the house that was featured as the setting for The Beverly Hillbillies was put up for sale. It’s the most expensive piece of real estate in the country – $350 million. But, with your luck, you can certainly talk them down to your budget. For your money, you’ll get a 10.3 acre estate, with a 25,000 square foot main house and a 5,700 square foot guesthouse.

Tacos for the rest of your life – and several lives after that – Prefer to live a simple life? That’s doable too. Your winnings will pay for just under 199 million Crunchy Taco Supremes at Taco Bell. At eight tacos a day, that’s enough for about 68,000 years.