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Everything at This New Online Grocery Store Costs $3

A new online grocery store is selling food and other supplies all for the price of $3.

The store, called Brandless, launched on Tuesday with generic kitchen items, such as peanut butter, coffee, tea, cookies and other snacks. Brandless also sells cleaning supplies, beauty products and even dishes.

Everything costs $3, largely because the company took away what it calls the “brand tax,” or, the hidden costs of packaging and distributing traditional goods.

“Brandless is about more than any individual product we sell,” store co-founder Tina Sharkey wrote in a Medium post. “It is about the true democratization of goodness.”

Sharkey’s goal is to give everything “better stuff at affordable prices,” she wrote.

The food sold at Brandless is GMO free, and more than half of it is organic, according to the company. Household cleaning products and beauty supplies ban toxic ingredients. The generic products also come with simple and distinctive packaging.

The startup raised $50 million before it launched, TechCrunch reports.