15 Pet-Friendly Companies That Let You Take Your Dog to Work

June 29, 2017, 9:00 PM UTC

This article originally appeared on Monster.com.

If you’re among the 68% of U.S. households that include a pet, you likely know the joy of unconditional love. On the flipside, you know how miserable it can be to go to work each day and leave your best buddy behind.

Think your job would be much more awesome if your company was pet friendly, full of “co-workers” with whiskers and wet noses? You’re not alone. For 41% of pet parents (especially of the millennial breed), a pet friendly workplace is important, according to recent study from Wellness Natural Pet Food. Yet, only a handful of employers feel the same way: 8% of employers permit pets in the workplace, according to the Society for Human Resource Management 2017 Employee Benefits research report.

The job benefits go beyond having a much more adorable staff: Studies have found that allowing pets in the workplace can reduce stress and lead to happier work environments.

To help you and you four-legged confidante find a job the two of you can get excited about, Monster—with some help from Wellness Natural Pet Food—rounded up 15 companies that will welcome you with open paws.


Locations hiring: Multiple, nationwide
Number of employees: 200,000+
What it does: Amazon is a Seattle-based e-commerce company that sells all types of products and provides a marketplace for people to buy and sell nearly anything.
Pet policy: Employees are welcome to bring their dogs to the office, which has special doggie drinking fountains. The dogs of Amazon even have their own calendar for sale, and some of the proceeds go to the ASPCA.


Locations hiring: Menlo Park, California
Number of employees: 100
What it does: AnchorFree creates software for secure web browsing.
Pet policy: AnchorFree allows pets in the office and covers pet insurance for employees, up to $50 per month.

Atlantic Health System

Locations hiring: New Jersey
Number of employees: 15,934
What it does: Headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey, Atlantic Health System is a nonprofit health care company operating nine medical systems.
Pet policy: The company understands that bringing your pet to work is about more than just having fun. Atlantic Health’s pet therapy program “Soothing Paws” helps patients and employees at the hospital relax.


Locations hiring: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Number of employees: 2,500
What it does: The Grand Rapids-based company designs and produces vacuum cleaners, floor cleaners, and other cleaning products.
Pet policy: Bissell lets employees bring pets to the Pet Spot, a space designed with individual workstations, kennels with access to a fenced-in yard, a pet-washing station, and an outdoor walking path.


Locations hiring: New York City, San Francisco, and Denver
Number of employees: 51+
What it does: Bitly is a link management platform that is committed to optimizing and shortening links.
Pet policy: Every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day at all three of Bitly’s office locations.

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Locations hiring: Brooklyn, New York
Number of employees: 1,062
What it does: Etsy is a peer-to-peer e-commerce website for handmade, vintage, and unique items and supplies.
Pet policy: Etsy has a long-standing dog-friendly policy. Since the company’s birth in 2005, dogs have always been allowed in the office, as it’s one of the ways the online marketplace strives to maintain a casual, creative, and inspiring work environment.


Locations hiring: Multiple, nationwide
Number of employees: 55,000+
What it does: Google created and operates the world’s busiest online search engine and is responsible for the Android operating system and apps used by people around the globe. Its global headquarters is in Mountain View, California.
Pet policy: Some offices, including Googleplex, the company’s headquarters, allow employees to bring their dogs to work.


Locations hiring: Bend, Oregon
Number of employees: 200+
What it does: G5 is a digital marketing provider in the real estate industry.
Pet policy: G5 allows dogs in the office, and has seen a cat or two, as well. “We offer very affordable pet insurance with great coverage. Annually we do a health-and-wellness day for dogs,” says Keeli Hyde, vice president of human resources for G5. “We work near many parks and trails, so dogs—and their humans—have a lot of opportunity to get outside for breaks and walks.”


Locations hiring: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Number of employees: 1,100+
What it does: HubSpot develops software products for inbound marketing and sales.
Pet policy: Not only does HubSpot’s Cambridge headquarters let you bring your dog to work, but the company also created a “PupSpot” calendar featuring dogs from the office, with a portion of the proceeds donated to local animal shelters.

Kimpton Hotels

Locations hiring: Multiple locations, nationwide
Number of employees: 8,000+
What it does: Kimpton Hotels & Restaurant Group operates more than 65 boutique hotels around the globe.
Pet policy: If the pet can fit through the hotel doors, they’re more than welcome to stay. All 65 boutique hotels provide water bowls, treats, pet beds, toys, and pooper-scooper bags. Some even have “directors of pet relations” (that’s right, your doggie can get a job, too) that greet guests and test the pet amenities.

Mars Inc.

Locations hiring: Multiple, nationwide
Number of employees: 80,000+
What it does: Mars operates six business segments, including pet care, chocolate, candy, and food.
Pet policy: Though the Mars Inc. guidelines are applied on a local basis, “in recent years, we have put great focus on making our offices, wherever possible, a pet-friendly place to work,” says a Mars Inc. representative. “Our associates enjoy having pets around—they let us relax, make us feel happier and help us connect with each other. Of course, we have ‘petiquette’ guidelines for pet behavior to make sure that the environment works for all.”

The Nerdery

Locations hiring: Multiple, nationwide
Number of employees: About 500
What it does: The Nerdery creates mobile and web applications, websites, systems integrations, and provides digital project consulting.
Pet policy: Not only does The Nerdery allow dogs in the office, the software company also strives to help pets in need. The Nerdery Foundation has created pro-bono websites for 10 pet-focused nonprofits.


Locations hiring: St. Louis, Missouri
Number of employees: 6,500 in the U.S.
What it does: Purina (part of Nestle) is a manufacturer of pet food and products.
Pet policy: Purina believes so much in the power of pets in the workplace, it launched a campaign called Pets at Work to help other companies adopt pet-friendly policies. “At Purina, we believe that pets and people are better together—whether at home or at work,” says Dr. Kurt Venator, a Purina veterinarian. “As pet lovers and owners, we are passionate about the Pets at Work movement and encourage our associates to bring their pets to work every day, so they can experience the benefits, including exercise from a dog walk or having a calming companion nearby. This is why we see hundreds of pets at our St. Louis campus every week.”


Locations hiring: Santa Monica, California
Number of employees: 100+
What it does: Tradesy is a peer-to-peer marketplace for designer handbags, shoes, and clothes.
Pet policy: In addition to offering pet insurance, Tradesy features a Pup of the Month and holds quarterly Dog Owner Town Hall meetings, where all of the dog owners gather to plan fun events. Co-pet-parenting options are also available through Tradesy’s buddy system, where a “dog buddy” helps watch or walk your pupper on busy days or during meetings.


Locations hiring: Multiple, nationwide
Number of employees: 1,600
What it does: Zynga is a San Francisco-based company that creates video games for the social gaming industry, such as Farmville and Chess with Friends.
Pet policy: Zynga has a longstanding dog-friendly policy. “We have a dog park on our roof and ‘barking lots’ placed throughout the office where dogs and their owners can take a break and play,” says a Zynga spokesperson.