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Ford Just Issued Another Recall for Over 400,000 Vehicles

Ford issued recalls on three different models Wednesday, for a total of some 400,000 vehicles. Two of the recalls are almost too small to notice, however.

One of the tiny recalls is for a group of three specific 2016 Ford Escape SUVs built at the Louisville Assembly Plant on Dec. 18, 2015. The three vehicles were found to have faulty driver knee airbags due to a lack of inflator gas generant material. This means the airbags may not deploy in a crash and could cause injury to the driver.

The three dealerships where the vehicles were sold are working on contacting the owners, according to Ford.

Ford is also recalling four police interceptor utility vehicles. The four cars are missing inboard attachments and may not restrain an occupant in case of a crash.

The largest recall—of approximately 400,000 vehicles—applies to 2015-17 transit van/bus units that are being recalled to replace the driveshaft flexible coupling. Owners of affected models will be notified by mail.

All recalled vehicles can be scheduled for a replacement of the affected parts at no charge.