United Airlines’ Corporate Clients Are Pushing for Customer Service Fixes

April 19, 2017, 8:54 AM UTC

United Airlines says there has been “concern” from its lucrative corporate clients in the wake of negative sentiment generated by the leggings controversy and the infamous “re-accommodation” of Dr. David Dao.

Frequent flying corporates, which generate about half of United’s revenues, now want the airline to up its customer services game, the Wall Street Journal reports.

“There has been concern from corporate accounts, which is totally appropriate,” Scott Kirby, president of United Continental Holdings (UAL) told the Journal Tuesday. “They want us to fix things. They want us to do the right thing.”

According to Kirby, United has already reassured some corporate clients that its making policy changes in the wake of the now notorious April 9 incident, in which Dr. Dao was dragged bleeding from a plane in Chicago.

Oscar Munoz, United’s CEO has repeatedly apologized for the incident and assured customers that law enforcement removing passengers from United planes for reasons other than safety or security would “never happen again.”

“It’s clear we have further to go to elevate our customer experience,” Munoz told the Journal Tuesday following the release of United’s first quarter filings, which bettered analysts’ forecasts. He added that United was undertaking a full review of operational and customer policies. The results are expected at the end of April.