5 Tech Gifts Mom Will Love For Mother’s Day

April 19, 2017, 3:00 PM UTC

Gadgets can make great gifts—depending on the occasion. But is Mother’s Day, on May 14, such an occasion?

Yes it is. While a lot of technology is more functional than sentimental, there are nevertheless plenty of tech products that can show mom how much you appreciate her.

You can buy her something to make her day a little easier. Or find her something that free up some of her time. You just have to know where to look. Here are a few ideas.

Courtesy: Kate Spade

[ecomm-link url=”http://www.pntrac.com/t/2-98488-131940-47657?sid=FTtech2017momsday&website=250361&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.katespade.com%2Fproducts%2Feverpurse-x-kate-spade-new-york-quentin-stripe-wristlet-pouch%2F8ARU1067.html%3Fcgid%3Dkatespade-root%26dwvar_8ARU1067_color%3D149%23q%3DKate%252520Spade%252520Everpurse%26start%3D1%26cgid%3Dkatespade-root” text=”Kate Spade Everpurse”]

You’ll rarely go wrong with getting mom a Kate Spade bag, but the $198 Everpurse has some useful tech features built in. Hidden inside the purse is a pocket that automatically charges your iPhone (it’s compatible with all recent iPhone models, but not Android phones). There are no clumsy wires or buttons, just slide the phone into the pocket and it will automatically begin charging thanks to the purse’s compact internal battery. At night, just place the purse on a wireless charging mat and it’s fully prepared for the next day. It’s a stylish fusion of fashion and function.

Courtesy: SDI Technologies

iHome 9″ Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth Audio

Mom may sometimes take a while to get ready to go out to dinner, but you can make her prep time a bit more enjoyable with this $137 lighted, double-sided vanity mirror. Aside from the traditional uses, the mirror also comes equipped with Bluetooth audio and a USB charger, meaning that mom can listen to music as she gets ready or use the mirror’s base as a speakerphone to make calls.

Courtesy: Birchbox

Birchbox ‘Do Not Disturb’ kit

Between playing chauffeur to the kids and dealing with her own career, many moms could use a little ‘me time.’ When everything gets to be a bit too much, this $56 limited edition offering from the Birchbox subscription service can be just what she needs. Loaded with Kusmi Tea, gummi bears, a lavender candle and everything needed for a relaxing facial (among other items), it’s a fast getaway that can make mom’s day better.

Courtesy: Samsung

Samsung 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player

If mom demands the highest audio quality while watching a film, Samsung’s $249 Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player is the way to go. Hook it up to a high-end with a high-quality HDMI cable and you’ll have a great movie-watching experience. The vivid picture and color clarity are truly impressive—although it’s worth noting the number of available UHD Blu-ray discs is limited, though it’s growing fast.

Courtesy: Amazon

Amazon Echo Dot

We all could use a little help now and again—especially moms. While your budget probably isn’t big enough to get her a human personal assistant, Amazon’s $50 Echo Dot can make things a little easier for her. Whether it’s news updates on demand, streaming music, ordering a pizza, or turning off lights the kids always leave on at home, this voice-controlled device is quickly becoming an integrated part of many people’s home life. The speaker doesn’t have quite the same sound qualify as the larger Amazon Echo, but it’s perfectly functional and includes all of the same features as the larger device for less than a third of the price.

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