Netflix Has a Surprising New Streaming Rival

April 11, 2017, 12:46 PM UTC

While Netflix is still the most dominant streaming platform used over the internet, it’s got some competition — YouTube.

Of the 53% of households with Wi-Fi in the United States that use at least one streaming service, 75% of them use Netflix, according to a new comScore study. But YouTube is not too far behind, with 53% of those households using it.

The new study, which uses data collected in Dec. 2016, focused on how more Americans are watching over-the-top content — or content that can be viewed on the internet without cable. While the study found that Netflix was responsible for spurring streaming’s growth, it also revealed that other providers like YouTube are making their mark.

Amazon Video follows behind YouTube, with 33% of households without cable using the service followed by Hulu, which is used by 17% of the households surveyed.

More than 49 million Wi-Fi-connected households in the U.S. use at least one of 11 streaming services. In a given month, these services reach 1 million homes or more, according to comScore.

Some are skeptical of Netflix’s continued dominance as Amazon and Hulu continue to grow, Fortune has reported.