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Flights From the Middle East to Australia Get Extra Security Screening

Emirates Airbus A380 landingEmirates Airbus A380 landing
An Emirates Airbus A380 landing at El Prat Airport in Barcelona, Spain, on April 17, 2016santirf Getty Images

Two United Arab Emirates-based airlines are increasing screening for passengers flying to Australia from a handful of Middle Eastern cities.

The decision, reported Monday by the AFP, comes after Australia decided to tighten screening protocols for passengers flying directly from Doha, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The additional government requirements won’t extend to banning electronics in carry-on luggage—a measure that President Donald Trump’s administration recently implemented for U.S.-bound flights from eight Muslim-majority nations. The U.K. government has announced a similar ban affecting inbound flights from some of those nations.

Still, Australia’s government is concerned about the potential dangers posed by electronics and will increase screening.

“Explosive detection screening will be conducted for randomly selected passengers and their baggage. Checks may also include targeted screening of electronic devices,” Australian Transport minister Darren Chester said in a statement to Reuters Friday after his government announced the toughed security measures.