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Your Next Company Car Could Be a Tesla

A Tesla Model S P85D.JOSH EDELSON AFP/Getty Images

Tesla has launched a new webpage to promote corporate fleet sales in North America, the latest effort by the automaker to diversify its revenue stream.

The new webpage, which markets the Model S sedan and Model X sport utility vehicle as the “perfect company car,” follows a similar sales effort that started last year in Europe and the hiring of Michael Stafford in August to head up a corporate fleet program. Hat tip to Teslarati for first noting the new corporate sales page.

Tesla’s corporate sales webpage includes basic information on the cost and savings of owning an electric vehicle, testimonials, and links to scheduling a test drive. The company says it will even make an onsite visit “for all of your colleagues to experience a Tesla.”

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Vehicle fleet sales can sometimes be viewed as a less desirable source of revenue, particularly when an automaker puts a lot of vehicles into rental car companies, because these kinds of transactions tend to be discounted which puts downward pressure on profits. Tesla, however, doesn’t offer discounts to its customers. The only significant incentive under the corporate fleet program is that Tesla waves the $2,500 deposit required for retail sales.

“There’s good fleet and there’s bad fleet,” said Michelle Krebs, an analyst with Autotrader. “For Tesla, it’s really good exposure and way to introduce top executives to electric vehicles.”

Corporate fleet sales can also help automakers even out production, Krebs added.

Tesla’s corporate fleet page includes customer testimonials, including one that seeks to address a likely question about the cost—and lack of a discount. “Even though Tesla is about 40% more expensive in terms of upfront price, I will be making a great saving over the three years. It’s actually costing me less overall,” one promoted testimonial says.

Tesla might not offer discounts to corporate or retail customers. However, the company is quick to note that owners of electric vehicles do enjoy other benefits such as a $7,500 federal income tax credit and varying degrees of incentives offered at the state level.