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Hipster Stuff — Like Gin — Is Now Part of Cost of Living Measurements

In this photo taken on October 12, 2016, Japanese fashion designer Yayoi Maeda puts her lipstick on she sits in a coffee shop in Tokyo. In a country famous for its tea, the Japanese are increasingly turning to coffee as a quick-fix to help ease the daily grind. Hipster cafés are popping up everywhere, offering exquisitely curated beverages to satisfy even the fussiest of caffeine addicts.BEHROUZ MEHRI AFP — Getty Images

Some of the products “Hipsters” have popularized have been added to the United Kingdom’s national cost of living measurements.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), as cited by Bloomberg, gin, non-dairy milk and bike helmets have been added to the list. Gin has returned after 13 years; its popularity has spiked thanks to small-batch producers and Gin festivals, Bloomberg reports. The liquor, which was once “favorite of the middle-aged suburban couple,” has now become “the staple of the younger drinker,” the ONS said, according to Bloomberg. Flavored cider was also included.

Oat, soy, and rice milk (all of which are non-dairy) were also added — reflecting the “clean eating” trend that hipster-culture has taken to, the ONS said.

The list, which is reviewed by the ONS each year, is changed or added to in order to accurately reflect the cost of living each household faces, according to Bloomberg. Overall, 11 items were removed, while 16 were added—including children’s scooters, which replaced swings.