Watch the New Trailer for ‘Silicon Valley’ Season 4

February 17, 2017, 9:51 PM UTC
Silicon Valley Season 4 trailer screenshot
A screen capture from the fourth season of HBO's hit series 'Silicon Valley.'
Screenshot courtesy HBO

Last Friday, we learned the airdate for the season 4 premiere of Silicon Valley. This Friday? HBO dropped the tech comedy’s first trailer for this new batch of episodes.

Richard (Thomas Middleditch) has a big announcement that he needs to drop on the Pied Piper crew: He’s quitting. But he is taking the name Pied Piper—which we last saw being repositioned as a video chat company—and is going to try to build something else. Maybe a new internet? That sounds crazy. But maybe? Probably so crazy, it just might work.

Watch Richard and Jared (Zach Woods) celebrate a new beginning in the trailer for season 4, which gets underway April 23.

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HBO also released an image from the new season, which may have been taken before Richard’s announcement:

But also? Maybe not.