5 Clever Ways to Outsource Your Work and Save Time

February 18, 2017, 1:00 AM UTC

While modern technology has certainly provided people with many benefits, toys, and creature comforts, it has also sped up the pace of their lives, which can be pretty unbearable at times. It is especially difficult if you are trying to balance your career and your personal life. It seems like it’s impossible to do all of those things at the same time, no matter how hard you try to come up with a routine or a schedule that will help you make the most of your time.

The solution would be to outsource some of your work, so that you don’t have to choose between being a successful professional, and having a life. You can have both, if you decide to check out these five time-saving methods. Keep on reading.

1. Outsource Your Grocery Shopping

With all that hard work and stress in your life, you need to have at least one decent, healthy meal a day to keep you going, and to provide you with all the necessary nutrients. But, driving to and from the supermarket, choosing groceries, and then preparing everything once you get home can take up to a couple of hours, and if you are doing your shopping several times a week, it adds up to a lot of time. Fortunately, you can outsource your shopping thanks to InstaCart. The app allows you to order groceries and schedule the delivery right to your doorstep.

2. Commuting to and from Work

If you don’t have the option of working from home, you will be pretty much stuck spending time in traffic every day, which can get pretty tiring. And the drive is not the only thing that will eat up your precious time. You also have to think about filling up the gas tank, or finding an empty parking spot close to work.

However, a way around this would be to use Uber. You might not get there faster, but since someone else is doing the driving, you will be able to use that time to finish your work, send out emails, or create a schedule for the next day.

3. Hire a Proofreader

If you are in an industry that requires you to create written content on a regular basis, you know how much time it takes to proofread and edit your work. It is exhausting and boring, but it needs to be done, because your clients, readers, or business partners will also judge you based on the quality of your writing.

Also, sometimes it’s impossible to self-edit your work, because you know what you meant to write, so you tend to gloss over mistakes. In case you decide to outsource your work to professionals over at Essayontime, you can rest assured that will your work will be impeccable. Plus, you will save a ton of time.

4. Administrative Work

If you are working inside a corporate environment, you will spend quite of lot of time finishing various administrative tasks, reading your emails, and other technical stuff. It’s necessary, but your skills and resources should be put to better use elsewhere.

You can outsource your work to a freelancer that will help you handle some of the work, or a virtual assistant. Places like Upwork and Fivver can connect you with the right person for the job in no time. And you can hire them for creative tasks, as well.

Design, writing, illustrations, or anything else you can think of which might benefit you and your work. And the best thing about hiring freelancers is that they are paid on a per-gig basis.

5. Home Repairs and Cleaning

Another aspect of your life which is incredibly time-consuming is running errands, cleaning your home, doing laundry, as well as small repairs around the house. On the other hand, you can’t go to work in dirty clothes, and if you are working from home, an untidy environment will ruin your focus. With services like Handy, your house will be neat all the time, and in addition to that, their handymen can do all the necessary repairs inside your home.

As far as your laundry is concerned, you can get FlyCleaners to pick up your laundry, and deliver it later at a scheduled time. And in case it’s an emergency, they can also deliver your clothes first thing in the morning. Now you will have plenty of time to focus on stuff that really matters to you, be it your career, or your social life.

Outsourcing some tasks can help you improve the quality of your own work, because you won’t have to do several things at once. You will also see the quality of your life improve, because you will have plenty of time to rest, sleep, exercise, and spend time with people who matter to you.

This article originally appeared on Millennial.