Amazon Is Offering a Discount on Apple’s iMac

February 10, 2017, 4:49 PM UTC

Apple iMac, $1,299

Apple's all-in-one computer feels like the result of an industrial design challenge: Just how thin can it get? Now 5 millimeters at its edge, the iMac sports the latest Intel Ivy Bridge processors, a glare-resistant display, and a new hybrid Fusion Drive, resulting in the most striking -- and one of the fastest -- desktops around.
Courtesy: Apple

The iMac doesn’t typically go on sale, so when it does, customers will want to jump at the chance to buy the company’s all-in-one computer at a discounted rate.

Apple’s desktop computer line is on sale right now on The e-retail giant is offering up to $112 off the 21.5-inch iMac. The mid-range model featuring a 2.8GHz processor, for instance, is now on sale for $1,188, down from its regular retail price of $1,300.

Amazon is offering even bigger sales on the 27-inch iMac. The 3.2GHz version with a 1TB hard drive is on sale for $1,879, $120 off its regular retail price of $1,999.

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The Apple Store is still offering the iMac at full price.

Among the company’s most popular computers, the iMac is an all-in-one machine with its components sitting behind the display. Users need only to connect a keyboard and mouse to get the computer up and running.

In addition to the iMac, Apple sells the Mac Mini, a standalone, lower-powered desktop. Both the iMac and Mac Mini are flanked by the Mac Pro, Apple’s highest-end desktop and another traditional desktop. On the notebook side, Apple sells the lightweight MacBook and MacBook Air as well as higher-powered MacBook Pro units.

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Apple rarely offers sales on its devices, but at times, its retail partners will deliver discounts to boost demand or clear inventory for pending updates. While Apple is expected to update its iMac line this year, the company hasn’t said when that might happen. It’s unclear if Amazon’s discount is an attempt to clear inventory in anticipation of an upcoming update or simply an attempt to boost demand for Apple’s desktop computer.

Amazon(AMZN) hasn’t said how long its sale will last.

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