Here’s How Daily Commuters Can Save More Time Using Google Maps

February 6, 2017, 7:24 PM UTC

Google introduced an update to its Maps app for Android on Monday that is aimed squarely at the daily commuter—and not just those who drive.

A new information box at the bottom of app home screen lets users access three tabs: places, driving, and transit. The idea is to make sure Google Maps remains a go-to resource for users, even for those who already know where they’re going and just want to know how long it will take.

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The driving tab shows estimates for the time it will take to travel to home and work—if users saved their home and work addresses. It will also display nearby traffic conditions and expected delays on their route. Using turn-by-turn directions isn’t necessary to get the new information. Commuters who already know the route to and from work—or any other destination—can tap on “start driving,” and the real-time traffic information will appear for the typical route.

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The new transit tab provides recommendations for which buses or trains to take, when they’re expected to arrive at the station or stop, and the estimated time of arrival at the user’s destination. Users can also use the tab to find nearby transit stations along with real-time schedules.

The third tab, “places,” has curated lists of restaurants, cafes and bars near a chosen location. Users can also search for ATMs, pharmacies, gas stations, and grocery stores as well as see images of the area or read descriptions of neighborhoods.

Google didn’t say when its Maps app for iOS would be updated.