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Amazon Echo and Google Home Face Hurdles in Voice App Retention Inc. Launches Its Echo Home Assistant In The Inc. Launches Its Echo Home Assistant In The U.K.
An "Echo Dot" device, left, and an "Echo" device stand on display during the U.K. launch event for the Inc. Echo voice-controlled home assistant speaker in London, U.K., on Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2016. Luke MacGregor/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Voice-activated personal assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home are facing hurdles in keeping customers engaged in their many voice apps, according to a new report from VoiceLabs, an industry startup.

Although Amazon’s Alexa has 7,000 voice apps, only 31% of them have more than one customer review, signaling that many of the platforms “Skills” are “not heavily used or appreciated,” the report said. When customers use a voice app on Alexa or on Google Assistant, there is only a 3% chance that they will become an active user in the second week, according to the report. (Some outliers yield more than 20% in second week retention).

Consumers tend to return to actions through Alexa and Google Assistant such as music streaming, reading audiobooks or controlling lights in the home rather than pursue other voice platforms, Recode reported.

Funded by The Chernin Group, VoiceLabs provides analytics and insights to Alexa and Google Assistant developers.