App Store prices are on the rise by more than 25% in the U.K., thanks to the softening of the pound sterling since Britain’s June vote to leave the EU.

According to a letter sent by Apple developers to 9to5Mac, apps worth 79p (97 cents) will soon cost 99p ($1.21), while those priced at £1.49 ($1.82) will rise to £1.99 ($2.44). Higher-end apps are also seeing price hikes; for example Super Mario Run which previously cost £7.99 ($9.78) will now set U.K. customers back £9.99 ($12.23).

The pound’s value has dropped significantly against the dollar since the Brexit vote, and began sliding further toward a 31-year low after Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May indicated that a ‘hard Brexit’ might take place. May today announced that Britain is leaving the European single market but will seek a “bold, new trade agreement.”

According to 9to5Mac, customers in India and Turkey may also see price increases.


In a statement released to Engadget, an Apple spokesperson said: “Price tiers on the App Store are set internationally on the basis of several factors, including currency exchange rates, business practices, taxes, and the cost of doing business. These factors vary from region to region and over time.”