Broad Strokes for January 12, 2017: Ivanka Steps Away While Ellen Pao Is Back

January 13, 2017, 12:30 PM UTC

On this week’s episode of Broad Strokes, our editors Kristen Bellstrom and Valentina Zarya discuss Ivanka Trump’s decision to stepping away from her businesses, asking: What message does her move send to other working women and mothers? The also discuss Dina Powell, the Goldman Sachs partner who announced earlier this week that she’s taking a high-level role in the Trump administration.

In the next segment, they look at new research about the pay gap for women and minorities who sit on corporate boards. (The results are not what you might expect.)

The pair then delve into Ellen Pao’s return to the world of venture capital and discuss the twists and turns her career has taken since her high-profile discrimination suit against Kleiner Perkins.

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