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California Company Recalling Boots Because They Leave Swastika Footprints

A California company is recalling a boot model with treads that leave a trail of tiny swastikas in their wake, CBS Los Angeles reports.

Conal International Trading sold the model of their Polar Fox boot on Amazon, and said they are recalling the boot after one customer posted an image of the footprint on Reddit, where it’s been viewed over 2.5 million times. The company’s e-commerce manager Anthony Nguyen told Daily Mail that the footprints were unintentional and that the company would stop selling the product.

“That was totally something that wasn’t intentional or anything like that. It’s something that we’re going to pull off the shelves obviously,” Nguyen said to the Daily Mail. “It was obviously a design flaw.”


Before they could pull the product from Amazon, reviewers capitalized on an opportunity to make Nazi jokes that were definitely in poor taste.

“Good for marching into Poland, but not so good for much else,” wrote one reviewer, according to Esquire.