How This LGBT Entrepreneur Created a Company That Bets Big on Diversity

January 6, 2017, 10:45 PM UTC

Marketing powerhouse Robyn Streisand wants to reinvent the way people think about branding and marketing

Two months ago, the serial entrepreneur announced the official launch of Titanium Worldwide. Essentially, Titanium acts as a holding company for 17 media, marketing, and communications agencies that can service clients under a single contract.

But here’s what differentiates her agency from the rest: each member company in her collective must be “a certified-diverse business.” Businesses must be 51% owned and operated by a minority entrepreneur in order to get certified.

Streisand, who herself is a female LGBT entrepreneur (and second-cousin of singer Barbra Streisand!), says the landscape is changing, and the customer is not “plain vanilla anymore.” She helps many of her Fortune 500 clients identify and reach their target customer. She notes that this comes with the understanding their customer has changed in the last 20 years since she started her first full-service marketing agency, The Mixx.

“The whole industry has been completely overhauled,” she says. “The market has changed, and the customer is different. Titanium is really built to be a reflection of who the customer is by virtue of, not only diversity of who we are, but how we think and approach business challenges.”

Watch the full interview with Streisand above for more on the transformation of the marketing industry.