Why This Talent Agency Is Focusing on Esports Stars

December 22, 2016, 4:53 PM UTC
ELEAGUE Week 2 - Group Stage A - Day 4
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Esports isn’t a small operation these days. Players are becoming superstars, and this means they have to navigate a complicated world of legalize if they want to earn good money.

Ryan Morrison and Michael Lee, two lawyers known for representing esports players and YouTube stars, have teamed up with the Dutch merchandise company Fanfiber to start Evolved Talent Agency. The new firm plans to offer “next level” talent agency services esports players and influencers.

This is another example of the growth of the $493 million esports business. Competitors aren’t just digital athletes, they are becoming brands. As esports becomes more lucrative, players need legal helping securing deals for contracts, advertisements, and other deals.

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“A new era of entertainment requires a more advanced type of representation,” Morrison noted in a press release sent to GamesBeat. “Today, industry leaders from all walks of digital entertainment will combine their talents to form the Evolved Talent Agency to provide better representation to protect a new era of influencers, developers, and esports professionals. ETA is the next evolution in client management and representation. The founding members of Evolved have built up the most important commodity in the entertainment business; trust. We will first, and foremost, put our clients and their careers first.”

Morrison goes by the Video Game Attorney online, often using his Reddit account to give legal advice and opinions.

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