First Round Capital’s Holiday Parody Video Is Here

December 20, 2016, 5:50 PM UTC

Christmas is still five days away but here’s an early gift, courtesy of early-stage venture firm First Round Capital, which released its annual holiday parody video Monday night.

In what has become an annual tradition, the 7-plus minute music video features First Round’s partners and portfolio company founders lip-syncing, bopping their heads, and dancing (more or less in rhythm) to parody versions of this year’s chart-toppers.



As with past videos, the songs have been modified to reference a handful of tech headlines. This year’s includes nods to Theranos, the Samsung Note, “clean deals,” road shows, plus startup life in general (“got an awesome go to market,” “we got traction,” and “we’re on top of all the app stores” are all phrases lip-sung with an impressing level of earnestness.)

There’s also a bonus solo, to the tune of Hamilton’s “You’ll Be Back,” in honor of partner Howard Morgan’s retirement.

In truth, the video’s…unique tone is hard to explain. Probably better to just watch it yourself.