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Medical Schools to Donald Trump: Not So Fast With That Obamacare Repeal

December 12, 2016, 1:52 PM UTC

The President and CEO of the Association of American Medical Colleges sent letters to President-elect Donald Trump and members of Congress last week urging against an all out repeal of Obamacare without protections for consumers.

Dr. Darrell G. Kirch warned that repealing the law could be very disruptive if there are not mechanisms put in place to help patients, particularly patients with health conditions, pay for care.

“Recently insured patients with complex conditions require stability and continuity in their care. If the exchange marketplace is disrupted, their inability to afford other coverage could cause them to forego or delay necessary medical care,” a statement from Kirch reads.

The letters also urge leadership in the White House and in Congress to “commit to comprehensive reform” of the health care system, keep the Medicaid expansion, and work with the health care community on reform packages.