The Broadsheet: November 1st

November 1, 2016, 11:53 AM UTC

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! Women are losing ground at Yahoo, Melania Trump prepares to give speechmaking another shot, and ride-hailing apps are taking women and African Americans for a ride. Have a great Tuesday.


 Drives me crazy. New research reveals that drivers for Uber and Lyft treat African American and female riders differently than they do white men. The study, which included nearly 1,500 rides, found that African Americans are likely to wait longer for the ride-hailing companies to accept their pick-up request and, in the case of Uber, may have to cool their heels for up 35% longer than others for their ride to arrive. Uber drivers are also more than twice as likely to cancel a ride on black men as on other men.

For women, the variation comes in the length of the ride: Both Uber and Lyft drivers tended to take women on longer, more expensive rides than they did men. The researchers note that some of the female test riders reported, “‘chatty’ drivers who drove extremely long routes, on some occasions even driving through the same intersection multiple times.” Their conclusion? “The additional travel that female riders are exposed to appears to be a combination of profiteering and flirting to a captive audience.”  Fortune


 WikiLeaks leaker. CNN has severed ties with former contributor and interim DNC chair Donna Brazile after hacked emails show that she shared questions with the Clinton campaign before a CNN-sponsored debate and a town hall during the Democratic primary.  Politico

Losing ground. Yahoo's latest diversity report shows that female employees are losing ground in two key areas: The number of women in Yahoo leadership roles slipped to 21% as of June 30, down from 24% the year before, while women in non-technical jobs dropped from 54% to 52%.  Fortune

 Round and round. Time Warner has hired Christine Varney, a partner at Cravath, Swaine & Moore, to make the case to the government that AT&T’s acquisition of the media giant would not kill competition. The catch? Six years ago, she was the country’s head antitrust cop. Sen. Elizabeth Warren spoke to Fortune's Stephen Gandel about the seeming conflict of interest, saying, "The revolving door is out of control." Fortune

 More Melania. Melania Trump will deliver a speech in Philadelphia on Thursday, her first since the RNC, where she was criticized for cribbing from a Michelle Obama address.  Fortune

 Another one bites the dust. Celebrated Israeli author Ari Shavit has resigned after being accused of sexual harassment.  New York Times

All about Ipsy. Ipsy, the beauty-box subscription service created by Michelle Phan, has been profitable for more than three years, has an annual revenue of $150 million, and, according social media analytics firm Crimson Hexagon, is beating competitor Birchbox when it comes to buzz. Bloomberg


 Andrea's back! Gabrielle Carteris, who you may remember as Beverly Hills, 90210's Andrea Zuckerman, is now president of SAG-AFTRA and slowly growing into her new role as Hollywood power player. New York Times

 Sad song. Adele reveals that she struggled with postpartum depression after the birth of her son and talks about how she's striking a balance between motherhood and pop superstardom. Vanity Fair

 Conservatives take a risk. This story looks at how a host of conservative women—including Megyn Kelly, Ana Navarro, Dana Perino, Meg Whitman, Gretchen Carlson, and Condoleezza Rice—have been critical of Donald Trump even as some Republicans have tried to badger them into toeing the party line. The Week

 Scully's book club. Gillian Anderson talks about We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere, a book she wrote with journalist Jennifer Nadel that's intended to "lift girls out of that place of negativity" and help them contend with what the pair sees as an epidemic of low self-esteem. New York Magazine

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