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These Are the Top 10 Highest-Paying College Majors

Michelle Obama Delivers Commencement Address At The City College Of New YorkMichelle Obama Delivers Commencement Address At The City College Of New York
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Good news for college students who major in science and engineering: a new Glassdoor survey shows it pays the most in the first five years after graduation.

Glassdoor analyzed close to half a million resumes in order to curate a list of 50 college majors, only adding those that appeared on at least 400 different resumes. The career site then looked at career progression and corresponding salary data to determine the median base salary for each major—though it didn’t consider career trajectories past the first five years after leaving school.

As one might have guessed, STEM jobs take up many of the top spots—the top 10 is particularly saturated with engineering majors. Liberal arts degrees, like English and Philosophy, have also claimed their place in the top 50, though further down.

Here are Glassdoor’s top 10 highest paying college majors:

10. Management Information Systems—Median base salary: $58,000

9. Nursing—Median base salary: $58,928

8. Statistics—Median base salary: $60,000

7. Civil Engineering—Median base salary: $61,500

6. Information Technology—Median base salary: $64,008


5. Industrial Engineering—Median base salary: $64,381

4. Chemical Engineering—Median base salary: $65,000

3. Mechanical Engineering—Median base salary: $68,000

2. Electrical Engineering—Median base salary: $68,438

1. Computer Science—Median base salary: $70,000

The full list can be found on Glassdoor’s website.