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Woman Claims Maggot-Infested KFC Chicken Sent Her Son to the Hospital

October 11, 2016, 5:54 PM UTC
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Photograph by David Silverman — Getty Images

One mother is claiming she had to take her 5-year-old son to the hospital after he ate chicken from a KFC in Arkansas that later became infested with maggots.

The unnamed woman shared a video of maggot-riddled chicken to the Helena-West Helena Police Department’s Facebook page, the local news station Fox13 reports. She claims that shortly after her son ate some of it he began gagging and throwing up, which promoted her to take him the emergency room.

She reportedly purchased the meal at a KFC in West Helena, Arkansas located at 789 Sebastian Street, according to Fox13.

You can watch the video here:

The woman claims that there were fly eggs in the meal the day she bought it, which became covered in larvae the next after the eggs hatched.


The woman said she reported the maggots to the local branch’s manager, but no-one returned her call. Despite not being a criminal matter, the Helena-West Helena police department told Fox13 that they chose to release the video to make the public aware of the incident.

But KFC (YUM) said its not likely this happened while the food was still in the restaurant, a company spokesperson told Fortune. After the allegations, the Health Department investigated the restaurant, but found no evidence of and pest issues, spoiled food, or anything else that would back up her claims, the spokesperson said.

“KFC follows strict food safety and handling procedures and works closely with local and state Health Departments to ensure the safety of our food and health of our guests,” the spokesman told Fortune.